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You will find herewith all the little funny stories or anecdocts behind HIGH SPHERE. Please do not hesitate to leave your comments on these!


Trivia from the HISTORY section:

* HIGH SPHERE's first rehearsal room was located in a former wine cave, 3 meter underground, locked by a 40cm-thick-armoured door so that no sound could be heard from the outside.... and of course no mobile phone network!

David often joked at it saying that "if someone was to block the door from the outside, nobody would hear us screming and our dead bodies would probably only be found in 2-3 years time"...

* Guillaume VERNET and David DEPLANCHE were born on the very same day (June 10th, 1978). Guillaume is actually ONE HOUR older than David...

* the HELVETIA PUB has been completely destroyed to be rebuilt as........ a fastfood restaurant.

* the first file transfers made by HS during the writting process of FORGOTTEN WORLDS were made at the early age of the internet... at the time, the max transfer speed  was 56Kb/sec.... it was then taking around 20 minutes to send a 4 Meg MP3...
* Simon-Pierre BABSKI has always been regarded by the band as the "6th member" of HIGH SPHERE due to his strong implication in the band's work and artworks. The current logo of the band is actually Simon-Pierre's creation!

* the STUDIO where HS recorded its first EP was located in a small village in the Jura countryside called : DOUBLE U Studios. Karl GOMEZ, the sound engineer, was probably the coolest producer the guys could find.... BUT also probably the most smelly one! (less than one shower a week...)

* MORPHEUS, Ludovic DESA's first band outside HIGH SPHERE, won some local "battle of the bands" contest and then recorded an EP under the name "DENIED".

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