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HIGH SPHERE is a French METAL band which includes a lot of progressive influences in its Music. 

The roots of the bands are mostly coming from groups like IRON MAIDEN (heavy) , MARILLION (prog) and HELLOWEEN (speed) and have been completed through the last ten years by influences of bands like DREAM THEATRE, SYMPHONY X, ANGRA, VANDEN PLAS or even RHAPSODY (of FIRE).

From 1999 to 2004, HIGH SPHERE has been  mainly regarded as a powerful HEAVY METAL band  due to his Music being mostly inspired by the NWOBHM and the German heavy metal music, until the release of its first EP called "FORGOTTEN WORLDS part 1 : The Lost Continent" which gathers various styles from traditionnal Heavy Metal to pretty elitist PROGRESSIVE Metal...

From 2004 until 2007, the band's relative musical inactivity has enabled HIGH SPHERE to forge itself a new identity with historical members leaving the band and new ones joining it so that in 2008, HIGH SPHERE hopes to release the second part of his 2004 acclaimed EP under the album title : FORGOTTEN WORLDS Part 2 : The EDEN's GATE.

... and 2008  will soon be remembered as HIGH SPHERE's come back!

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